Developed by Brisbane Youth Service for young people and staff.

WARPED Booklet

Wellbeing and Relapse Prevention Education

The purpose of WARPED is to support young people to prevent relapse of harmful alcohol and other drug use.

WARPED was originally written by Tara Van Lent and Tracey Finlay and presented as a pilot project in 2007; feedback from young people participating in groups was incorporated to refine the resource.

The original version of WARPED acknowledged that ‘Making Decisions’, ‘Alcohol and Drug Diary’ and ‘Risky Situations’ were adapted from Clinical Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Clinicians 03 Relapse Prevention: Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre, 2000.

This version has been reviewed and updated by Jesse Nolan, Laura Christie, and Philip Smith. Thanks to young people coming in to Brisbane Youth Service and our Brisbane Youth Service colleagues for their input; and thanks to Dovetail for advice.

BYS WARPED Workbook 2


BYS WARPED Workbook 2


Art for Change

Art for Change was an 8-week art therapy program which provided a space for LGBTIQ+ young people to express their feelings and thoughts about change using art. These resources can be utilised by young people and staff as a beneficial visual tool to start difficult conversations about life changes.