We offer a range of housing and support programs to young people experiencing homelessness or housing crisis.

Supporting you to housing independence

If you are without access to safe and affordable accommodation, we can help. We can also provide targeted planned support to help you to live independently and sustain your tenancy, and access the necessary supports for your long-term health and wellbeing.

Housing options include 24-hour staffed immediate, and transitional accommodation for 16 to 18-year-olds, and externally supported housing units for young people, young families, couples, specialist young women’s housing and share housing.

 BYS Housing Services also include tenancy sustainment programs to young people in social and public housing, and targeted education, employment, and community access to help transition out of BYS housing and into independence.

Housing and Tenancy Support (HATS)

The Housing and Tenancy Support team manage units of housing across Brisbane for young people aged 16-25 years, and their accompanying children, who are experiencing homelessness or housing crisis.

A range of housing is available, including for young families, couples, single occupants, specialist young women’s housing, and share-housing.

HATS Housing and Support Workers walk alongside you, supporting you to maintain your tenancy, develop independent living skills, and access supports in the community.













Sustaining Young Tenancies and Transitions

BYS provides important skill and knowledge building programs to support young people’s progression towards independence, helping to achieve their tenancy, employment, and study goals.

Working in partnership with Department of Communities, Housing & Digital Economy, Brisbane Housing Company (BHC) and BRIC Housing, the Sustaining Young Tenancies (SYT) Team assists young people to sustain social housing tenancies and build their capacity to live independently.

The program provides crucial supports to young people in social housing whose tenancies may present challenges or complexities. BYS Housing Support Workers will support you to achieve positive housing and support outcomes, and work towards building the skills you need to maintain positive connections with your housing provider and sustain your tenancy more confidently and successfully.

The Positive Transitions Project, funded by the Brisbane City Council, provides a critical “next step” for young people in BYS housing programs by assisting with access to education, training, employment, volunteering and community-based opportunities.


Cornwall St Project

Constructed in early 2021, the Cornwall Street Project is an affordable housing development in Woollongabba, Brisbane, which includes five units of accommodation for young people supported by BYS.

This exciting partnership between BHC and BYS provides much needed affordable housing for young people and young families where they will benefit from ongoing support to sustain their tenancies, achieve their goals, and build new futures for themselves.