Young People's Stories

  • Yazmine-7759


    Things are looking up for Yazmine, living in a new apartment with her beloved little dog, she is confident about her independence for the first time.

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  • Aluel-7623


    Nine years ago, Aluel came to Australia from South Sudan with her family. At eighteen, she left home, seeking practical support from BYS to establish an independent life, then things got scary…

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  • Rachel-7393


    Rachel has found her voice. After years of homelessness and hardship, learning to speak for herself is something she takes pride in.

    She’s always written poems and prose, but now Rachel is able to tell her own story.

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  • Ray-2576


    Anyone experiencing the noise and bustle of Fortitude Valley knows how overwhelming it can be.

    Someone living with a sensory disorder-where lights, noise, even the feel of clothes on the body can be overwhelming-would have to persevere to spend time there. Ray has such a disorder, but persists with visits to the Hub, and even lives nearby. So it’s not surprising Ray claims the attribute of persistence as a strength.

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  • Elee


    When her daughter Ruby hadn’t learned to walk or talk by eighteen months, Elee realised something was wrong.

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  • Josh


    Three years ago, Josh was on the streets. Now he is finishing Year 12, getting the qualifications he needs to become an Electrician.

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  • Kiara-7411


    Kiara was named after the Lion Cub in ‘The Lion King’ and like that character has had to find her courage.

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  • 3j3a8974


    I came to Brisbane Youth Service in January 2016 and I was looking for a fresh start with a new service that I thought could help me.

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  • 3j3a8974


    "Free accomodation for work" read an advert I saw online. My partner at the time had become abusive and violent and so I got kicked out.

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  • mackapilly

    Marcus and Mackapilly

    Living in a small unit that we could only stay in for three months, two children not living at home, a two year old daughter and a little one on the way, all we knew was that we wanted our family together.

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