About Us

We support homeless and vulnerable young people, and their children, to secure and maintain housing,  address physical and mental health issues, establish successful relationships and support networks, and access pathways to education and employment.

New futures for young people
To enable young people and young families to overcome life challenges and thrive in the community
Respect. Optimism. Accountability. Resilience.

BYS has a long history of developing innovative services to respond to the identified needs of young people and young families.

Since 1977 Brisbane Youth Service has helped tens of thousands of young people and today employs 85 professional staff , providing a comprehensive range of programs and services for young people and their children across Brisbane.

Our Story

On 30 November 1976 Rev George Robert (Bob) Griffiths convened a meeting to discuss the issue of youth homelessness or ‘street kids” as was the language of the day. At this meeting, the decision was made to establish Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) with sponsorship from five City Churches. BYS commenced operating in February 1977 as a detached youth service providing outreach, referral and follow-up support services to disadvantaged and homeless young people on the streets in inner-city Brisbane.

Over time BYS expanded its range of services and advocated for and supported the establishment of new services including the Windsor Youth Emergency Shelter in 1979, Kedron Lodge in 1983 and Open Doors in 2001. In 2011 Othilas Young Women’s Housing and Support Service merged into BYS, as did Youth Emergency Services and Carina Youth Agency in 2015.

Strategic Goals 2018-21

Advocate with and for young people to enable new futures.

Provide services that enhance the safety, health and wellbeing of young people and their children.

Enhance outcomes for young people and improve financial resilience.

Build a capable, engaged, and effective workforce.

Meet current and emerging needs of young people.

Our People

At the heart of Brisbane Youth Service is a diverse team of over 80 full-time, part-time, and casual staff dedicated to creating new futures for young people.

The talent BYS attracts are driven by a shared purpose to empower vulnerable young people and their children to navigate life challenges and thrive in the community. A dynamic mix of experience and specialised skills, our people are caring, dedicated, resilient and the key to helping young people achieve meaningful, positive change.

Research & Innovation

Brisbane Youth Service continues to develop and implement a range of new services and programs to support the growing needs of young people and young families in Brisbane.

This requires careful analysis of service delivery evaluation data, research and interrogation of youth and community sector trends, listening to feedback from young people about BYS services, and collaboration across teams to develop and deliver new programs and test them for effectiveness.

Practice Approach

BYS established a new Practice Framework in 2020,
which supports service delivery excellence and acts as a best-practice guide for BYS staff.

The Practice Framework is informed by BYS’s organisational vision and values, driven by evidence informed knowledge and approaches and ensures transparent, consistent and accountable practice. The framework places the young person at the centre of our work. We are committed to high quality service delivery and continual improvement, and an integral part of the practice framework is a strong emphasis on reflection to help achieve this goal.