Other Support

BYS continues to develop and implement  new programs and services to support the growing needs of young people and young families in Brisbane.

Safe Relationships

The Safe Relationships group is a 10 week program, starting with 5 weeks of Social Group and moving into 5 weeks of Healthy Relationships Group.

The Social Group supports self compassion, mindfulness and emotional regulation. The program provides a great opportunity for young women to come together in a safe environment, engage with others and participate in activities/ discussions that help create a positive shift towards safe relationships.

Healthy Relationships is a psycho-educational group that supports young women to identify acceptable and non-acceptable characteristics of relationships. This group is an opportunity to understand healthy relationships; to challenge pre-conceived ideas of what constitutes a healthy relationship; and provide the opportunity to explore boundaries and understand rights in a relationship.





K.I.N.D. Program

K.I.N.D. which stands for Kinship, Improving relationships, No violence and Developing skills, works with young people, partners and family members to deal with the effects of violence in their lives. The Program aims to build wellbeing through enabling young people to better  understand and manage their close relationships.

Young people are supported through an individualised, one on one program aimed at understanding their behaviours and developing skills to respond in safe, non-violent, and healthy ways. The program aims to help young people develop emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, as well as develop insight into the impact of their behaviour on those around them, enhancing accountability.

BYS has developed positive partnerships with other organisations to ensure that we are responding to the needs of young people who identify that domestic violence has, or is currently, impacting on their lives and relationships.  BYS recognises that domestic violence and homelessness intersect in young people’s lives and we aim to offer effective support, at a critical development stage of early adulthood, and in a way that respects the trauma experiences that young people have experienced.

Contact Us: saferelationships@brisyouth.org

K.I.N.D. Referral Form

Youth Domestic & Family Violence Advocate

We have a dedicated domestic and family violence worker who can support young people directly and/or support any BYS youth workers in a consult role to enhance risk assessment and safety planning for young people experiencing domestic or family violence and/or coercive control.

We can provide referrals and linkages to other specialised domestic violence emergency supports and case management and importantly we can meet the young people where they are at, in their individual journeys.



Safe and Connected Futures

The Safe and Connected Futures Program helps young people to improve relationships with family members to prevent homelessness, or to strengthen support networks if they leave home or live independently.

The program also offers support to young people leaving BYS transitional housing to move successfully into independence with enhanced support from family members and/or social and community networks.