Flip Joins Forces with Brisbane Youth Service to Tackle Homelessness Crisis

Jul 10, 2024

In an inspiring collaboration, Flip has partnered with Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) to raise awareness of the homelessness crisis in Brisbane and advocate for crucial early intervention measures. Offering pro bono creative services, Flip has played a pivotal role in amplifying BYS’s mission through innovative campaigns.

Flip’s Head of Strategy, Bryce Schneider, shared the team’s passion for supporting BYS: “A big part of our mission statement is to support good people doing great things. BYS do amazing and vital work, which we’re very proud to play a small part in. With our offices being so close, we see the impact the BYS team makes every day, inspiring us and reinforcing our commitment to our partnership to support in any way we can.”

In 2023, this partnership led to the creation of a new corporate video and the impactful “Not for Rent” campaign, prominently featured on goa billboards across Brisbane. These initiatives served as powerful tools in raising awareness of the challenges faced by vulnerable young people and the urgent need for early intervention to create brighter futures.

Pam Barker, CEO of Brisbane Youth Service, expressed gratitude for the partnership with Flip: “Brisbane Youth Service relies on community support and partnerships such as these because our funds are so tied to the work we do providing support to vulnerable young people. The collaboration with Flip has been invaluable in our efforts to raise awareness and advocate for change.”

Emily Nunes, Head of Marketing and Communications at  Brisbane Youth Service, emphasised the invaluable role of Flip: “Having the creative might of Flip as an extension of our very small in-house team has been incredible. Their dedication and expertise have allowed us to amplify our message and reach a wider audience, ultimately driving positive change for vulnerable young people in Brisbane.”

Indeed, the ‘Not for Rent’ campaign captured the attention of the community, sparking conversations and driving action towards addressing the shocking rates of youth homelessness in Brisbane. By showcasing the stark reality of no accommodation available for many young people in crisis, the campaign brought a human element to the issue, fostering empathy and understanding among the public.

Flip Creative Partnership Brisbane Youth Service

#NotForRent goa Billboards Community Partnership


The support from Flip has not only raised awareness but has also yielded tangible results in BYS’s advocacy efforts. The increased visibility generated by the campaign helped BYS advocate for the establishment of a new emergency accommodation facility for young people, providing safety for those who might otherwise be facing a night on the streets.

Flip continues to provide invaluable support for BYS initiatives. Most recently, they’ve lent their expertise to the Brisbane Youth Service mid-year appeal, highlighting the crucial role of services like BYS in helping young families #BreakTheCycle of violence and homelessness. Additionally, Flip are continuing to support the most unfashionable but arguably most fun event in the not-for-profit calendar: Daggy Jumper Day! Flip’s creative and dedication will play a crucial role in promoting community involvement for Daggy Jumper Day 2024.

As BYS continues its mission to support vulnerable young people in Brisbane, partnerships like these underscore the importance of community collaboration in addressing complex social issues. Thanks to Flip’s commitment and ongoing support, Brisbane Youth Service can continue their important work within the community, creating a move inclusive and compassionate society for all.

Flip rockin’ Daggy Jumper Day 2023