Brisbane Times: Brisbane Youth Service launches fundraising appeal

Nov 06, 2023

Brisbane Youth Service has today launched Not For Rent, a fundraising appeal to support the rising number of young people sleeping rough around Brisbane. (Brisbane Times: Courtney Kruk)

BYS CEO Pam Barker says youth homelessness in Brisbane has hit a crisis point, and more needs to be done at a time when short and long-term accommodation options are in high demand.

“The housing options for a young person with limited funds and no rental history is bleak. There’s just nothing available,” Barker said.

“Sometimes the only option for our youth workers is to give a young person a sleeping bag and safely plan for a night on the streets.”

Digital creative agency Flip helped design the campaign, which includes rental advertisements showing a sleeping bag “for rent” close to the CBD.

A billboard advertisement on Abbotsford Road in Bowen Hills is part of $260,000 worth of advertising donated to the campaign, courtesy of Queensland signage company goa.