June 29, 2018

What young people are saying about BYS - Client Survey 2018

BYS conducts an Annual Client Survey to gather information from young people about their experiences of our services. The 2018 survey received 139 responses, equating to 11% of client numbers for the 2017-2018 year (1261 young people).

Overall Satisfaction

97% of young people said that they were happy or very happy, overall, with BYS services.

“Because BYS is awesome wrapped in a ball of awesomeness covered in awesome sauce.”

Recommending BYS to others – Net Promoter Score

9.06/10 Net Promoter Score

Young people’s reasons for recommending the service were predominantly focused on how supportive they had found the service. They said that they would recommend the service as very helpful, reliable, friendly, respectful, open-minded and non-judgmental.

Young people said BYS was an open caring space for anyone in need, and several mentioned that they had had a good experience coming to BYS. The free medical services were mentioned, as were the cool activities. BYS was seen as good at helping young people to stabilise and get onto the right path in times of stress; and the service was described as a “life saver” and “proper deadly”. One young person commented that they thought the service was only good for young people if they are homeless, reflecting a possible need to be more overt about providing holistic support, however there were several other comments from young people saying that they would recommend that the service could help with almost any situation or problem; where you get the things you need and where you can get holistic support.

“I had a whole lot of things I couldn’t sort out in my life, BYS helped me sort them out. Now I feel like I can sort things out.”
“They are friendly, helpful, amazing and like a family, plus food.”
“A non-judgmental haven of support and generally decent activities.”
“Amazing, 100% helpful and supportive.”

Making a difference

91% of young people gave a 4 or 5 rating for the difference BYS has made.

“Helpful, life lessons, good to talk with someone.”
“They got me into crisis accommodation, so that’s pretty cool.”
“Helped me so much with housing and took the stress and worries of my shoulders.”
“They’ve helped me get my life back on track.”
“Good, going to school and getting my own place soon, so I’m happy.”



  • 83%-94% of young people are happy or very happy with the accessibility of BYS services.
  • The most positive response was for how easy it was to get to BYS (or a worker came to me).

Holistic, client-centred, planned case work

  • Overall 89%-95% of young people were “Happy” or “Very Happy” with these quality practice measures.
  • The highest level of “Very Happy” ratings was for how well BYS workers listen and promote young people’s voice in their support. (95% satisfaction).

Co-ordinated care

  • BYS worker/s coordinate well with other people/services supporting me, when I want it (82% satisfaction).
  • BYS workers connect me with other useful places to get support if needed (85% satisfaction).

Relationship-based practice

  • I have a positive relationship with the workers that support me (93% satisfaction).
  • BYS worker/s are open and non-judgemental (90% satisfaction).

Quality Practice

  • Professionalism, Fostering Independence and Accountable Followup – all scored 91% and over.
  • Client Rights (80%) has been noted as an area for improvement – ensuring young people are aware of their rights and have a voice in our practice.