Help end youth homelessness with a Guinness World Record

Feb 28, 2019

Here at Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) we are preparing for our annual event ‘Burpees for BYS’ to raise awareness of youth homelessness in our community, and this year ‘Burpees for BYS’ will be an official Guinness World Record challenge!

Although, we are not alone in our effort, with the help of ‘Burpees for BYS’ founder Dave Kramer, aka Dave the Trainer, BYS hopes to break the world record for “Most People Performing Burpees”.

But we need your help!

BYS need the help of at least 1,500 people performing burpees for 2 minutes (at their own pace) to break the record and raise awareness of the issues vulnerable young people in Brisbane are facing.

People can help us break the record by registering at this link, everyone who is willing to help us break a record and take a stand to end youth homelessness are welcome and groups of people are encouraged.



The statistics show a number of young people face difficult living conditions and homelessness, with 4,454 young people aged 12-24 facing homelessness in Queensland every night (ABS Census, 2016).

The total homelessness rate in Brisbane’s Inner City also rose 68% between 2011 – 2016 from 1,735 to 2,915 (ABS Census, 2016).

Dave The Trainer (Dave) founded the event, completing 3,000 burpees in 8.5 hours in 2017, but now Dave hopes to do even more for young people by breaking the world record during Queensland Youth Week.

Dave said “Burpees for BYS started after a fitness challenge where I wanted to raise more money for BYS; so I declared I would do a burpee for every dollar donated, and ended up doing 3,000 burpees.”

Dave said the inspiration for Burpees for BYS arose from his youth where he lived in poorer conditions causing Dave to want to give back to the community.

“I remember how good it felt when we got support. This challenge is my way of sharing that feeling with those in the community who need it

“It’s pretty awesome, I didn’t envision it turning into this ongoing event, as soon as the finish buzzer went off last year, I knew we had to do it bigger and better” said Dave.

Dave said it is possible to reach the world record goal of 1,500 people and the issue of youth homelessness connects with the community making it easier to achieve the record.

People can help us further by sharing on social media their participation in Burpees for BYS, this can be done through sharing posts and applying BYS frames to their profile pictures (see below).



Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 11.18.00 am
Change your Facebook profile and add in the official Burpees for BYS profile frame