Simone was in rehab and homeless, she felt she had no support until she was referred to an intake worker at BYS.

My life changed within 2 years of getting help for addiction, homelessness and the unhealthy relationships which were causing me pain mentally and physically – going days on end without eating.

I was alone in a crowded room until BYS stepped in.

Tanya has come to every court date with me, she has always supported me. I have also started talking to Mahnaz which has been really helpful. Some of our work is based on my mental health problems and the strategies have helped. I am now independent, have my values reinstated, am looking for a job, staying with my parents and establishing positive relationships.

Now my addictions aren’t controlling me, everyone slips up and I do too. When those days happen I know I can always call Tanya and regroup with the strategies she has taught me. The same techniques are used to treat my mental illnesses as well.

I am studying and have an amazing group of friends.

While I can’t see my changes all the time, it’s comforting and reassuring knowing I am going in the right direction. Especially when family compliment on how much happier I look, how I actually put effort into what I wear like old Simone.

My ways of practicing grounding has been making my two boys happy (mylo and axel), going down to the park and playing, getting slobberly kisses, and pure love. Playing with them has puts my worries to ease and lets my mind be free. I have recently learnt through my boys, the trust I give them is the trust I get back. And if there is no reciprocation of trust, that’s a relationship that doesn’t need time or effort put into it. You guys have saved my life. You have given everyday things I needed to have, when I needed to have it; like food, and getting a place to stay.

Talking to someone and actively seeing them listen to you and putting you first is really special, BYS I don’t know what to say but thank you for being my life support.

I was alone in a crowded room until BYS stepped in.

You guys have saved my life.
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