It is sometimes difficult for vulnerable young people to understand and negotiate complex systems. Brisbane Youth Service supports young people in a range of ways by advocating for their needs with landlords, the Department of Housing, the Department of Education, Queensland Health, tertiary institutions, and Centrelink. We also support young people who are experiencing legal issues or involved in the justice system.

Brisbane Youth Service has strong partnerships with a range of other agencies. We assist young people access the services they need either through providing them with information or accompanying them to appointments and through services which visit us such as Centrelink and LawRight (an independent, & not-for-profit, community-based legal organisation that provides pro bono legal services for individuals and community groups in Queensland).

Volunteer lawyers from LawRight visit the Valley Hub weekly for free appointments with young people, to assist them to identify and navigate their way through legal issues. The lawyer can provide ongoing legal casework for the young person, and offer practical help, working on their legal issues until they are resolved. Young people are asked to make an appointment for legal advice by calling BYS on 3620 2400.

Centrelink visits the Valley Hub weekly to help young people access Centrelink for the first time and for any issues relating to their current payments. Young people are asked to make an appointment to see Centrelink by calling BYS on 3620 2400.

For more information contact Brisbane Youth Service on (07) 3620 2400