Young People and Mental Health – A 7 Year Demographic Trend Analysis

Published October 30, 2023


Young People and Mental Health – A 7 Year Demographic Trend Analysis of Young People Accessing a Specialist Homelessness Service 2015-2022

Catherine Mann and Dr Rebecca Duell, Brisbane Youth Service

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) has completed comprehensive intake assessments with all young people accessing the service for ongoing planned support over the past 7 years.

This report summarises the findings from an analysis of assessment data on young people’s mental health diagnoses and self-rated mental health on intake, which compared key demographic factors such as age, gender, cultural identities, sexuality, experience of disability, and parenthood.

Findings indicated young people’s mental health has been deteriorating over the past 7 years with a substantial increase in mental health diagnoses and poor/very poor mental health since the COVID-19 pandemic. Vulnerable and marginalised groups had a higher rate of mental health diagnosis and self-rated poor/very poor mental health, particularly gender diverse young people, sexuality diverse young people, and young people with disability.

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How to cite

This Report may be cited as: Mann, C., and Duell, R. (2023). Young people and mental health: a 7-year demographic trend analysis of young people accessing a Specialist Homelessness Service 2015-2022. Brisbane Youth Service: Brisbane, QLD.