Regular Giving

Regular or monthly giving is an easy and convenient way to make a tangible difference in young lives through supporting Brisbane Youth Service.

Regular donations are vitally important as they provide a steady, reliable source of much-needed funds while allowing us to budget, confidently plan ahead, and commit with confidence to various services and programs supporting vulnerable young people.

Your monthly support will help move young people out of homelessness and unsafe situations, empowering them to build a positive and stable future for themselves by providing:

  • housing set up kits, including essential furniture, linen, appliances and white goods
  • education funds for basic computer equipment, course fees, books, uniforms and other critical school or training resources
  • employment support, such as access to professional skills development, safety clothes, educational equipment or covering travel costs to attend interviews
  • peer social activities aimed at reducing isolation and promoting health and wellbeing e.g. art workshops, cooking classes, excursions, teaching life skills, and leadership and confidence activities
  • developing new service responses to meet identified needs of young people.

Over one year


  • $5 per month would provide a young person with a pre-paid GoCard to cover travel costs to attend appointments or job interviews
  • $10 per month would provide a young person with peer physical and social activities that create positive change and reduce isolation
  • $20 per month would provide a Home Essentials kit (e.g. linen, kitchenware and other small essentials) for a young person moving out of homelessness into their own home


  • $50 per month would support a young person to gain employment
  • $100 per month would provide a young person with basic educational resources to reengage with school
  • $250 per month would provide a full Home Set Up kit (e.g. essential furniture, appliances and bedding) for a young person moving out of homelessness into their own home

By pre-authorising regular or monthly deductions from your credit card, you will reduce administrative costs and help to streamline our processing of donations. It also makes life easier at tax time as you are provided with one annual receipt for your total 12 months’ donations at the end of each financial year.

You will receive updates and our latest news so you can keep track of the impact your regular gift is having in the lives of young people and young families who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless.

You can SIGN UP for regular giving by using the Donate link on our website and choosing your preferred donation frequency from the drop down options. For more information please contact