Q&A with the Manager of Young Women and Young Families Team, Louise Baker

Oct 19, 2021

 Seven questions with the Manager of Young Women and Young Families Team, Louise Baker.


What do you do here at Brisbane Youth Service?

I manage the Young Women and Young Families Team.


The best part of your job?

Supporting my workers on the frontline to do their best work – they look after the clients and hopefully I can look after them 🙂


How does the work you do assist vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage?

We meet clients where they are at; developmentally, chronologically and with a full appreciation of their trauma histories. We partner with them to work on their goals and advocate with and for them. We help them to process and understand their trauma and address current relationship issues through an awareness of family violence and how it impacts on them and/or their children. We help young parents identify and meet the needs of their children.


What’s the one thing everyone should know about young people and homelessness?

70% of BYS young people have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence and we know that domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness – particularly for women and young mums, so it makes sense for our team to support them in the way we do.


What’s the best part of working with young people?

They appreciate plain language and straight talk.


What are some of the main reasons young people seek support?

Domestic violence, parenting skills, environmental squalor, social isolation, financial and housing instability, mental health and TRAUMA – unfortunately the have always experienced trauma.


Tell us three words that best describe the young people you work with?

Vulnerable, resilient and traumatised.