The team at Officeworks Milton have done an incredible job raising $5,956 for Brisbane Youth Service through their ‘Round Up to Make a Difference’ campaign during May.

We are so grateful to the staff and local community for this significant donation that will make a real difference to the young people we support.

The funds raised will be used in our Health and Wellbeing Fund for young people. The donation will fund specific social activities that promote health, wellbeing, interaction and community connections including participation in organised sport, beach trips, camping, rock climbing, cooking, art classes and music.

Brisbane Youth Service offers these group activities to young people who have been identified as likely to benefit from peer interaction to reduce isolation and promote physical and mental wellbeing, and are ready to take the next steps in their journey to independence.

Recreational and social activities are a central part of the holistic approach Brisbane Youth Service takes to working with young people, and the changes to health and independence that they help to bring about for young people are evident in the outcomes.

Providing these opportunities relies on donations such as this from Officeworks. Thanks to Officeworks Milton and their community, Brisbane Youth Service will give more than 60 disadvantaged young people the opportunity to take part in a recreational or social activity like going to the beach, camping or cycling – something they may never have the opportunity to do otherwise.