BYS Volunteer Profile – Rhian

Aug 24, 2017

At BYS we greatly value the work and skills that volunteers bring to the organisation.

Rhian Thomas has been volunteering with BYS for two years, commencing by providing administrative support to our fundraising efforts and since January 2016, cooking the Tuesday family lunch for young parents and their children at the Centre for Young Families.

Rhian plans the meal and cooks for six to eight families each week. She coordinates with staff from the Centre for Young Families in advance so that they can shop for what is needed.  Some of  the fresh produce is also delivered by Second Bite, a wonderful organisation which provides fresh food, which might otherwise go to waste, to people in need.

“I generally prepare something simple and nutritious like lasagne, potato bake and chicken or chicken schnitzels and there is generally enough for the young families to take something home,” said Rhian.

“Shepherd’s pie goes down a treat!”

Rhian had a senior administrative role at QUT before she retired but now enjoys her part-time volunteer role at the Centre for Young Families.

“I just enjoy making a useful contribution, and particularly love seeing the children and young parents doing their best.”

Rhian said that the secret to volunteering was not having preconceived ideas about how you might be able to help.

“You need to go with the flow!”