BYS ‘test and tag’ program

Mar 20, 2019

Brisbane Youth Service has begun a new in-house ‘test and tag’ process for second hand electronic equipment to ensure electronics given to the young people we support are safe.

Staff at BYS are now fully-trained to conduct electrical test and tagging.  We recently purchased the testing equipment, which will be used to ensure all second hand equipment is safe before we provide it to a young people for their new home.  Items to be tested include housing setup equipment such as lamps, fridges and TV, anything that a young person might need when they secure housing for the first time.

“Second-hand items accessed by organisations such as GIVIT are a great resource for young people who secure housing.

“However, BYS want to make sure young people are receiving items that are safe and reliable.

“With the ‘test and tag’ training and equipment, we are now able to do that ourselves in-house.

“It is about making sure we provide safe items to young people as they make a home for themselves.” said BYS Administration Worker Coral-Lee Bamford.

Test and TagBy having staff properly trained in the ‘test and tag’ process, we can provide young people with safe second hand electrical goods to get them started in creating their own new future.
BYS does not accept direct donations of electrical equipment. We refer people to donate to GIVIT and when we identify a need for housing setup items, we list the need with GIVIT, who are always most helpful in responding to the identified need.
GIVIT is a national non-for-profit which connects those who have an item to give with those who have a need. Their service enables BYS to receive donated goods for disadvantaged young people in a private manner.