ABC NEWS RADIO: Homeless youth ‘more likely’ to have experienced DV: study

Mar 13, 2024

Young people facing homelessness experience family and intimate partner violence at disproportionately higher rates than the general population, a groundbreaking new report confirms.

Brisbane Youth Service conducted a seven-year demographic trend analysis of 2,800 young people who have accessed support since 2015, the results of which are published today in Young People and Family and Intimate Partner Violence.

The unique research found 68% of young people had experienced past family violence and 40% had experienced past intimate partner violence. Alarmingly, 14% of young people were currently experiencing family violence and 12% were currently experiencing intimate partner violence, although both are likely to be underreported statistics.

Young women and gender diverse young people were significantly more likely to be currently experiencing intimate partner violence, and young parents were statistically significantly more likely to report having past intimate partner violence experiences compared to young people who were not parents.