Practice Approach

Each team at Brisbane Youth Service uses a relationship, client-focussed and strengths-based approach when working with young people. This means we place the young person at the centre of our work. Each response is tailored to the young person who directs the pace, scope and extent of their support plan.

We help each young person to identify and achieve their goals, and access necessary services, information and resources which might be helpful to them. Importantly, this approach enables us to take a holistic approach when we work with individual young people – dealing with the entire range of issues which might be troubling them. These may include homelessness; financial, legal or relationship problems; or medical, psychological and substance use issues.

BYS is committed to delivering services that promote and protect the safety, interests, wellbeing and rights of children (including unborn children) and young people regardless of their nationality, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, religious or political beliefs, socio-economic status, family or criminal background or physical or mental health or disability status.

BYS is accredited under the Human Services Quality Framework.

Our Programs

We assist vulnerable young people to find and maintain appropriate housing, address physical & mental health issues and establish successful relationships and support networks. Services include a range of emergency and longer term support programs such as:

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    Brisbane Youth Service is a registered Tier 3 housing provider under the National Regulatory System - Community Housing. We assist homeless young people and young families to find and maintain safe, stable accommodation and to develop the skills needed to maintain their own property.

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    Health services

    The Medical Clinic is situated at the HUB, 42 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley. It is a free, confidential service supporting young people with physical and mental health issues.

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    Emergency relief

    Brisbane Youth Service offers emergency relief services to help young people address immediate basic needs in times of crisis. Emergency relief can act as a safety net for young people experiencing homelessness who have limited means or resources at their disposal.

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    It is sometimes difficult for vulnerable young people to understand and negotiate with government and other institutions. Brisbane Youth Service supports young people in a range of ways by advocating for their needs with landlords, the Department of Housing, the Department of Education, Queensland Health, tertiary institutions, and Centrelink. We also support young people who are experiencing legal issues or involved in the justice system.

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    Support for Young Families

    Many of our young clients are parents and have accompanying children. Our specialised staff provide innovative support and a positive approach to parenting.

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    Support for Young Women

    The Young Women's team offers young women the opportunity to meet with a team of dedicated women’s workers in a safe women’s space.

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