The Rainbow Housing Project is a Brisbane Youth Service initiative to recognise the needs of, and provide holistic services to, young LGBTIQ+ people.

The goals of the project include:

  • Organising safe and inclusive monthly activities for social inclusion and community support
  • Creating increased capacity within the Specialist Homelessness Service (SHS) to house gender and sexually diverse young people
  • Creating a strong ally base and inclusive space at Brisbane Youth Service

In 17/18 approximately 20% of the young people BYS supported identified as LGBTIQ+.

We have strong goals to evaluate and design our service delivery to be welcoming to young people from the LGBTIQ+ community; ensuring that our space is safe for young people regardless of their gender or sexuality identities. We aim to be a best practice example of effective support for LGBTIQ+ young people who are homeless or at-risk, and will continue working closely with any ally-organisations to provide effective support and create a better community in Brisbane.

Queer Picnic organised by BYS staff


Rainbow Brunch celebrating Pride Month


  rainbow brunch

Exploring what Pride means to different people

Brisbane Youth Service Pride