May 04, 2017

Luke inspires young people from BYS

Every week, Luke Archer runs health and fitness sessions for young people from Brisbane Youth Service.  Better known for his prowess on the football field with Souths Logan, Luke volunteers his Thursday afternoons to run through exercise programs, nutrition and mindfulness with young people seeking support from BYS.

Luke is a fantastic role model for young people having himself experienced disadvantage and challenges in his youth and then turning his life around.

Once he was like a lot of the people who come through his doors.

Luke was raised by his mother but experienced a lot of instability in his childhood and also domestic violence.

At the age of 13 he started using drugs daily and by 17 his mother had kicked him out of home.

Fortunately Luke had a mentor in his coach who helped him turn his life around and now, in turn, Luke is doing the same for young people.

Listen to his story and learn about the difference Luke is making to young people from BYS  here.