March 08, 2018

International Women's Day 2018

International Women’s Day 2018

BYS #PressforProgress by supporting vulnerable young women to navigate life challenges and create new futures.

“I needed to come to BYS for help because, I couldn’t live at home and I was sleeping in a friend’s sitting room chair… When I was six months pregnant, someone gave me BYS’s number and I got an appointment the next day. BYS helped me in so many ways – I can’t even tell you them all! BYS gave me a place to stay for up to ten months. They helped me with food … and lots of Centrelink stuff … and most importantly they invited me to a lovely group that encouraged and supported me… Now I have a six month old child that I love very much… I am studying a diploma in event planning. I have almost finished it. My son just started childcare and I am back at work.” Sieneh

  • In 2016-17, overall the majority of young people accessing support were women.
  • Of people aged 12-17 accessing our service, 75% were women.
  • Young women accessing BYS’s services were significantly more likely to have experienced crisis levels of family and relationship violence.

BYS provide homelessness and support services for young women and families to help them overcome a complex array of challenges. Services include specialist housing for young women, group programs, parenting and family support, free medical clinic, mental health services and information and referral.

With support, the majority of young people are able to move out of crisis and improve their living situation.