April 06, 2018

Burpees for BYS

Bust out a burpee (or two, or ten, or twenty …) and help raise vital funds for vulnerable young people this Youth Homelessness Matters Day on Wednesday, 18 April 2018!

The Burpees for BYS challenge began in 2017 when Dave Kramer (a.k.a. Dave the Trainer) put his body on the line in a personal challenge that would test even the fittest—completing 3,000 burpees in eight and a half hours! Dave raised over $6,000 for Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) in 2017 while bringing people’s attention to the issues faced by young people who are experiencing homelessness. This year, Dave has his sights set firmly on raising $15,000 by encouraging other individuals, teams and organisations in the community to join the Burpees for BYS challenge and smashing his own 3,000 burpee record on the day!

It’s easy to support Burpees for BYS. Check out www.brisyouth.org/burpeesforbys to register for your own burpee challenge, sponsor Dave or donate to BYS.

Annemaree Callander, Brisbane Youth Service Chief Executive Officer, is calling for the community to take a stand and show their support for young people experiencing homelessness.

“Youth Homelessness Matters Day on 18 April 2018 is a call out to everyone, especially those who believe in the power of community, to take action, to publicly state that youth homelessness matters and prevention must be a priority of Government at every level,” Annemaree said.

“The ABS has just released the 2016 Census figures that show over 4,500 young people, aged 12-24, are facing homelessness every night in Queensland, and over 6,500 were aged 24 years and under.”

“As the 2016 Census data shows, the majority of people aged 12-24 dealing with homelessness are living in ‘severely’ crowded dwellings (60%), in supported accommodation (18%), boarding houses and temporarily staying with others. These young people are hidden from view, but their experience and the negative impact on their lives is very real.”

“The impacts for young people experiencing homelessness are complex and include poor physical and mental health, low self-image, isolation, early exit from education, difficulty finding a job, poverty and debt. With support from Brisbane Youth Service the majority of young people are able to move out of crisis and improve their living situations.”