Best Workplace Award WINNER: Brisbane Youth Service

Nov 09, 2022

While we have felt it, Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) is officially being recognised an exceptional place to work and national employer of choice!

BYS has participated in the Voice Project employee feedback survey since 2018. Our annual staff survey results have just been released, and we have been awarded the Voice Project’s ‘Best Workplace Award 2022’ for outstanding performance in employee engagement, work practices and culture.

The results found that BYS employees not only love the work they do, they feel supported and empowered to do it well.

In fact, an incredible 100% of BYS employees who responded said they:

  • Believe in the values of Brisbane Youth Service.
  • Believe in the overall purpose of Brisbane Youth Service.
  • Feel their co-workers give them help and support.

A further 98% said they:

  • Like the kind of work they do.
  • Have confidence in their co-workers.
  • Feel the future for Brisbane Youth Service is positive.

Despite BYS teams being extremely stretched to meet record levels of demand from young people and young families in crisis, everyone is committed and passionate about the work we do.

These finding are a testament to our people and an organisation-wide culture that supports and empowers employees to drive organisational performance and achieve positive outcomes for vulnerable young people.

The Voice Project’s “Best Workplace” Award recognises organisations who have achieved exceptional levels of employee engagement and satisfaction. These organisations tend to engage in effective management practices such as articulating and communicating overall direction, assessing and providing adequate resources, and supporting employees in learning and in career development more broadly.