Collecting stories about people’s experiences and the change in their lives is an important way that BYS understands whether we are working well and making a difference for people who use our services.

This is one young person’s story


Before I was with BYS I was lost, hopeless, depressed and anxious about my surroundings and my future. My future was never on my mind. My mental health suffered due to many things! Racism and religion… Stop looking at me and judging me for the colour of my skin! I was born in Australia. I applied for many jobs but was discriminated against for looking the way I do.

Before coming to BYS my housing was unstable this caused stress and worry. Now I have stable housing and my mental health is clear thanks to all the support that was around me. I want people to understand that it is more than just support; BYS listened to me and respected me. BYS and the support has helped me grow into a adult, if I didn’t have the support I would have grown into a miserable adult, which would have taken longer to repair.

One little thing can change your whole life.

Having a worker to support me gave me the freedom and opportunity to explore options to get a job that I wanted. Support has been key, I now am aware that I am capable! That I deserve opportunities! When a worker gives you credit and encourages you, no matter how small the achievements, that would spark a larger change! It was so encouraging and would make me feel like I am worth it. Having someone there to say YOU did good. Helping emotionally is just as important as financial support.

Brisbane Youth Service helped in many ways; finding housing, food, school and training fees, and funding for equipment for work.

With the support of a Brisbane Youth Service Smarten Up Grant, this young person has completed their traffic control course, received a white card and completed their work placement!

“I got a grant to pay for getting my Certificate in Traffic Control, and my uniform for this. …  I’m finally getting my life in order – I wouldn’t be able to be doing all this without the grant.”


Thank you for sharing your story!