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Please donate today to urgently support young people and young families out of homelessness, giving them hope for a brighter future.

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When we came to Brisbane Youth Service, we were homeless and I was heavily pregnant with our third child. We desperately needed help and had nowhere else to go.– Mikayla & Ben*

Like Mikayla & Ben, many of the young parents we meet are themselves victims of family violence and trauma. Your donation will help support young families in need, creating meaningful, lasting change, and breaking the cycle of homelessness and trauma.

More Young Families In Crisis

Since the start of the pandemic and now with the recent floods, we have seen the demand for critical services and support for young families dramatically increase. For many, a lack of affordable housing, social and financial support, and access to education and employment can all play a part in leading their young family to crisis point.

Until coming to BYS, we had no support or help with this stuff. We were on our own, struggling and losing hope.”

– Mikayla & Ben

Mikayla & Ben

The issues behind youth homelessness are complex and varied. While young parents experiencing or at risk of homelessness are often highly motivated to improve their circumstances, they face considerable obstacles.

For some young families, like Mikayla and Ben, anxiety and stress levels are heightened by the fear that their children may be taken from their care due to a lack of safe and stable housing.

“The thought of our children potentially not being with us was breaking me. Trying to navigate the system was so overwhelming, especially when we were also trying to make sure we had food and somewhere to stay. We were desperate and scared – I was a mess.” 

A lack of affordable housing, social and financial support, and access to education and employment can all play a part in leading a young family to crisis point.

“We were over the moon when we got offered long-term housing in a safe and amazing neighbourhood. BYS helped us with furniture and things for the house. Their family support worker was amazing, helping us with everything we needed to do to keep us all together.” 

The young family have now settled into their new home, and Ben is working in a permanent role in hospitality management.

“You guys [BYS] are the reason we’re here today. You were there for us when no one else was and 100% always had our backs. You helped us to create a real home for our little family. Words honestly can’t explain how grateful we are. 



How We Help

At BYS, we help young parents in crisis to secure stable housing and strengthen their relationships and parenting skills. Our specialist programs support young parents to foster feelings of safety and connection with their children. We also work with them to improve their own physical and mental health, including recovery from trauma.

Advocacy and support are also provided to help navigate complex government systems and engage in employment or further study.

All forms of homelessness significantly reduce after engaging in BYS programs. In 2020-21, young people’s rates of homelessness showed a 72.5% reduction after BYS support.

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* At Brisbane Youth Service we respect everyone who comes to us for help, and many are working toward a fresh start in life. So, while their quotes and stories are true, client names and ages have been changed to protect their privacy and images are not always a true representation of the young person who has bravely shared their story. Thank you for your understanding.