Have you registered as a Daggy fundraiser but you’re not sure what to do on Daggy Jumper Day?

Many of our supporters hold daggy jumper themed events or activities through their work, school, sports team or social group, or organise a personal event with friends.

Your options are only limited by your imagination; however, here are some ideas if you’re stuck …

Dag ‘n’ Snag sausage sizzle or barbeque


Organise a sausage sizzle or barbeque in your local park or at your workplace. Boost your fundraising dollars by getting the snags and extras donated.

Daggy themed morning tea, lunch or dinner


Do a culinary flashback to the 70s and 80s and delight your guests with some old, daggy favourites. Bright red and green cocktail onions on toothpicks anyone?

Daggy fashion parade


Hold a daggy fashion parade or competition for daggiest jumper, with an entry fee or a charge by donation. For added daggy fun, get some prizes donated or do a raffle to increase funds raised.

Gold coin ‘free dress’  or ‘daggy dress’ day


Gold coin events are great for schools or large organisations; because of the sheer numbers you still raise a lot of money to help homeless young people.

If events aren’t your thing, you could try…

  • A stand-alone raffle. Try to get prizes donated to boost your fundraising dollars.
  • Whose daggy jumper is it? Collect each staff or team members’ daggiest jumper (anonymously) and put them all on display. Ask people to guess who each belongs to by donating a gold coin or larger amount. Organise a donated prize for the winner who gets the most right.
  • Bucket collection at a community event or shopping centre (make sure you get approval), or a donation jar on your counter.
  • Cake stall or market stall, car boot sale or trash and treasure.