Your involvement includes:

  • 30min tour of BYS facility and presentation by BYS staff on the history, work and update of the organisation
  • 25min walk to St James College (approx. 1km) including interpretive guide from BYS
  • 2hrs of meal preparation with Dig In staff at St James College
  • 15min walk to Kemp Place (approx. 700m) including interpretive guide from Dig In
  • 30min of serving with Dig In at Kemp Place – the key opportunity to support first hand to those experiencing homelessness.

To maximise your experience BYS and Dig In staff and volunteers will:

  • Plan your volunteering experience
  • Facilitate the event
  • Provide all ingredients and equipment for the kitchen
  • Provide specialist knowledge of the issue of homelessness
  • Organise catering (if required)