Christmas Appeal

No one chooses homelessness – particularly, young people. Please donate today to lift a young person, like Daniella*, out of crisis and help break the cycle of homelessness and trauma.

You Can Make a Difference!

I grew up in a broken home, exposed to the addictions and violence of the adults around me since I was a young child.” – Daniella, 19 yrs*

When Daniella first sought out Brisbane Youth Service, she had lost her way in a world that had not been kind to her and was about to find herself on the street.

A lack of safe and affordable housing options and access to support services is leaving more young people than ever before vulnerable or on the streets. The demand is increasing, and the need is urgent!

Will you donate before 25 December to support a young person, like Daniella, out of homelessness? You can give them the chance to create a positive future for themselves – a future they deserve.


“I’ve been the stepchild that wasn’t wanted, and I was moved around a lot. I went to six different primary schools and four different high schools.”

“During those challenging years, I became subject to child abuse, among other things. I put my trust in systems that failed me and destroyed my self-worth and self-esteem. I ended up just another statistic in domestic violence, addiction, mental health, and homelessness.

“Before coming to BYS, I felt like I was just a statistic, just a number on some piece of paper. Thanks to their belief in me and support and advocacy, I now know I’m worth so much more than that.

“My BYS workers helped me to grow as a person. They supported me and advocated for me through every high and low along my journey.

“I’m proud to say I’m now an active and contributing member of my community. With the self-worth and confidence I’ve regained, I’ve been able to free myself from domestic and family violence, I’ve started my first ever job, and I’ve completed two Certificate III qualifications – currently studying a Diploma of Child, Youth and Family Intervention.

“I know first-hand that there are so many more children and young people suffering as I did. If I can pass on even just a little of what BYS has given to me, I know I can make a difference in their lives too.”

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To learn more about how your gift makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable young people and young families, check out the BYS 2021 Annual Report. Read about our work and the inspiring stories of the young people you help to support.



* At Brisbane Youth Service we respect everyone who comes to us for help, and many are working toward a fresh start in life. So, while their quotes and stories are true, client names and ages have been changed to protect their privacy and images are not always a true representation of the young person who has bravely shared their story. Thank you for your understanding.