Young Women and Young Families

Young Women and Young Families have unique needs which require a specialised response.

The Young Women and Young Families team consists of three programs; Young Women’s Housing Support,  Parents Yes Program and Targeted Family Support.


The Young Women’s Program supports young women 12-25 years who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness. This program provides brief intervention and planned support addressing issues using a feminist framework and a gendered analysis approach. BYS workers support young women to recognise and respond to the genderbased issues which impact their lives.


The Young Families Program supports young families to obtain and sustain tenancies, in addition to a specialised parenting support program focused on enhanced parentchild relationships. The enhancement of these relationships often enables children and parents to stay safely in their homes and decreases the impact of past traumas as well as the risk of future harm. Workers provide a wide range of support, services and activities through groups and  home visits. Planned support is tailored to each individual young family