Support BYS through Workplace Giving

Workplace giving allows employees of an organisation to directly support vulnerable young people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage through automated payroll deductions. It’s incredibly simple, tax-efficient and cost-effective!

This type of giving program offers employees an immediate tax deduction without the need to keep receipts until the end of the financial year to claim their donations. Some organisations choose to boost their Workplace Giving by matching dollar-for-dollar their employees’ donations. It’s a great way for businesses to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility as well as support for their employees’ community activities.

Workplace Giving involves very little or no fundraising costs to BYS. While dramatically reducing our administration costs, workplace giving provides us with a constant and stable income stream that can be planned for and used when and where it is needed most.

It only takes a little to have a big impact. A small, weekly amount – just the cost of coffee – donated by a large number of employees can go a long way towards helping to create better and brighter futures for young people. For example, if 50 colleagues donated $5 each per week, they’d raise a total of $13,000 over a year. If their employer chose to match their donations dollar-for-dollar the total raised would be $26,000 in a year! With this amount BYS could:

  • Provide 650 young people with prescriptions and pharmaceuticals to alleviate a short-term health condition
  • Provide 430 young people or 215 young families who are sleeping rough with the safety and comfort of a night off the streets
  • Buy 8 years worth of first-aid consumables for our free medical clinic
  • Help 52 young people get ready for work with clothes and transport costs
  • Buy 20 young people essential appliances and items of furniture for their first real home

Please call (07) 3620 2400 during office hours or email if you’d like more information about Workplace Giving.