Paying us a compliment

Everyone loves to hear when they have done something well, and we here at BYS are no different.  If you have something nice to say about us please send an email to and tell us what you liked about the service you received.

Making a complaint about Brisbane Youth Service

BYS is committed to improving our services and programs, and one of the ways that we do that is by responding to any concerns raised by clients, our community partners, or the general public. We aim to respond quickly to complaints and offer a process that is user friendly and protects the rights of any person making a complaint.  Your complaint will be handled confidentially and you will receive feedback about what we have done to respond to your complaint.

If you are unhappy about some aspect of our work or the service you received, please complete the attached Complaint Lodgement Form and email it to us at

Complaint Form

For more information about how we manage complaints, please refer to our Complaint Management Policy Statement below.   



BYS shall provide an effective and responsive complaint management process that is user friendly and protects the right of any person to lodge a complaint without fear of retribution.

BYS welcomes complaints in relation to its services and shall manage complaints as an integral part of the organisation’s compliance and continual improvement framework.

BYS shall manage complaints in an environment of ‘no blame’ and is committed to treating all complaints as a learning opportunity that can facilitate organisational and systems change.

Confidentiality shall be maintained throughout the complaints management process where it is not vital to the complaint that the complainant be known to others involved in the process.

Personnel shall be supported through an investigation process if they have acted in good faith, were not negligent in their duties and / or can demonstrate that they followed established policies and procedures in relation to their actions that prompted the complaint.

Complaints about suspected or alleged criminal behavior shall be reported to the Police for investigation.

BYS shall advise relevant government departments and regulatory bodies of complaints involving suspected criminal activity or reportable incidences as a requirement of Service Agreements and / or legislation.